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About us

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We are member of I.I.A - The Institute of Internal Auditors and we are specialized in accounting and tax consulting, audit (external, financial statements, statutory,  internal, financial, fiscal, information systems and European funds),accounting,  financial accounting, financial analysis and internal financial control and management, human resources and not in the last place we assist our customers during checks or controls made by ANAF (AIF and AntiFraud)

Created from the desire to meet the requirements of our customers to provide customized professional services, our company is always trying to be together with our customers, be it advice given in order to open a business, be it audit and financial control internal for existing businesses.

In a rapidly growing market amid growing economy, more and more companies and firms outsource audit services, internal audit and financial control.

Who we are

A firm that offers professional services at the highest level personalized and tailored according to the requirements and characteristics of each client.

Our mission

"Start your day relaxed" - is the motto of our company, and our team of professionals will do our best every day to be a quiet one, as we watch the company or your organization to be protected.

What we do

We offer taxpayers assistance during inspections, auditing, financial and accounting expertise and internal financial control and management.

We love and respect our clients

We love and respect our customers. There is no client too small or too big. All customers are important to us and all their problems are our problems ...

Our team

A team of professionals from various fields (accountants, auditors, financial experts, human resource experts, lawyers, liquidators etc) will always be available and so your problems become our problems!

Our numbers

963 clients
428 Ongoing projects
5 controls per day in the last 96 months

Our services

Professional services customized for the unique needs of each client. No customer resembles another client. For us it's most important your peace and relaxation!

Internal Financial Control

- Check monthly or whenever it is established how the preparation of financial documents and accounting and management as well as how is the movement of documents between departments and responsibilities of all employees in compliance with financial accounting and management.

- Participation in property inventory or inventories or checks.

- Drawing up rules and verification of their compliance on property inventory

Taxpayers Assistance

- Assistance during inspections ANAF

- Assistance in preparation of accounting policies

- Legal assistance in contesting control documents and writs of execution

Audit - Accountancy

External Audit

Financial Audit

Auditing annual financial statements / semester

Auditing consolidated financial statements

Audit accountant

Information Systems Audit

Public Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Statutory Audit

Tax Audit

Audit of European funds

Accounting, preparation and certification of financial statements

Preparation of financial and accounting expertise and certification of statements by society.

Human Resource

- Human resource

- Payroll

- Employee records

- REVISAL records


Yes ...price does matters but less matter compared with value-added professional services available for you and your firm or company and the price is individualized depending on the size of your firm or company and depending on the specific of your activity and the complexity of each activity. To get a firm price please do not hesitate to use the contact form and a consultant will contact you as soon as possible in order to establish a meeting with you.

Contact us in order to obtain an offer tailored for your company!


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What our clients say

  • "Professional services at the highest level. Indeed a quiet and a relaxed day!"

    Erick - CEO - Firma de productie componente electronice(Electronic production factory)

  • "I am not stressed anymore if a control come from ANAF. Now I have the luxury to be relaxed all day !"

    Corina - Financial Manager - Companie producatoare de incaltaminte( Shoe production company)

  • "During the documents check and after that to appeal the act with my lawyer, TOPFIN crew was concrete hard !"

    Zoltan - Constructii (Constructions)


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